• Solsort ApS is the one-man-company of Rasmus Erik
  • is this website
  • Solsort is a poetic danish word. It means blackbird. "Sol-sort" translates to "sun-black".

Website changes


  • Consultancy primarily in the danish library sector
  • Software development sprints (one sprint per week)
  • Development of own projects/products

Major focus:

  • 2021 Some consulting/development, and otherwise focus on own projects.
  • 2020 Own start-up "BibSpire", now sold to a larger company. Various smaller projects with machine learning / computer vision in the cultural sector.
  • 2019 New own start-up "BibSpire" – recommender system for danish library websites – started project from scratche, resulting in 15-20% more book views on library websites, got it into production on 20% of the danish public libraries, pay-what-you-want subscription model.
  • 2018 Development/consulting in the library sector (for DBC, various projects). Workshops/lectures at University of Copenhagen, and at Librarian Association.
  • 2017 Development/consulting at start-up (Triggerz). Own project attempt "AppEdit", failed due to missing business model. Project on generic book covers (for Ballerup Library).
  • 2016 Development/consulting in the library sector (for DBC, "openplatform"-project). Own project "MoBibl" – fully functional proof-of-concept mobile-first library-web/app. Bid on public tender for library app (didn't win).
  • 2015 Own project "BibApp" won 1st. prize in app competition. Many smaller projects.
  • 2014 Project "Visualisering af relationer" (for Vejle Library). Development/consulting on digital art installation project.
  • 2013 Company started. Development/consulting for small web agency.


Solsort ApS (Veduz ApS)
c/o Rasmus Erik Voel Jensen
Muldager 38 2tv
2700 Brønshøj
CVR: 39418673