2015-06-02 The challenge of daily writing.

Imagine writing something every day. Would it be fun, would it be boring, would you learn from it, and where would it lead? Why would you do it:

  • Improve your writing skill.
  • Practise self discipline.
  • Share ideas and thoughts others may benefit from.
  • Learn about the things you write about.
  • As a form of marketing if you run a business or similar.
  • Participate in the global discussion, and thereby our collective consciousness.

And still, for me, it is both scary and difficult to start on such a habit, so I ask myself, why I do not write regularly yet?

  • I am not a writer, – but writing is the way to becoming one
  • I will write boring stuff, – but the reader is not forced to read it, and practice is a way to learn to make it less boring
  • I want to stay in my comfort zone, – but the only way to expand my comfort zone is to go beyond it.
  • I will look stupid with the things I write, – but I will likely look less stupid than if I do not write at all. Also no expression is also an expression. When I feel like this, it also shows that I am taking myself way to serious.
  • I do not have time, – but it will also save time when writing becomes faster and more natural.

I decide to do the experiment and see where it leads. I will make and take this challenge for myself: Try to write almost every day, and publish it.

My basic approach is:

  1. Add regular writing in the calendar.
  2. First, write anything without any filters or major editing/deleting, then rewrite afterwards.
  3. Decide always to press the “publish”-button when writing-time is done, (the text itself is never perfectly done).