2015-06-03 Dancing in Copenhagen

Social dancing, n.: dancing for the pleasure and intensity of the dance, rather than competation or performance for others. Happens in a social setting with different partners.

There are lots of wonderful opportunities for dancing in Copenhagen, – some of the dances I am exploring are:

Argentine Tango is the most intense dance, – it is improvised with total freedom to interprete and play with the music, and in the same time it has the connection, commune and communication with the partner (and the rest of the dance floor). The focus on lead/follow, musicality and quality of movement is very applicable in other dances too. The social scene in Copenhagen seems to have more norms, seriousness and traditions than the other social dances, but the musicality and quality of movement makes it my favorite form of movement nonetheless. Tango calendar on: http://www.tango.dk/milongas-practicas-events/

Swing (and related dances) has the best music, and is lots of fun, and very playful. The events are often free, and the crowd is younger than in argentine tango. And you jump a lot around, so it probably also gives some exercise . There seems to be two major schools in Copenhagen, and their calendars of social events are mostly the same, but check both, as you might miss an event otherwise: http://www.swingshoes.dk/kalender-swingarrangementer/ and http://www.swingdans.dk/index.php?option=com_gcalendar&view=google&Itemid=153

Contact improvisation is a level deeper towards dance as an art form, in addition to being social. More about movement, and strengthens, and challenges the body more than the other social dances. I have experienced elements of contemporary dance, acroyoga, bodywork etc. in the classes, and it really teached you about moving in general. The partner connection is very different from the other social dances, as it is not lead/folow in the same way, and may also be danced solo or with several partners at the same time. It is also more freely improvised. Many of the dancers also study or work with dance, movement and body awareness. Contact improvisation in Copenhagen is online on http://ci-cph.dk/.

Salsa (and related dances) feels more social and sensual, – less rules/structure and more just having fun and being happy. I have only tried this dance a little bit, but it is very playful, and happens in a more open embrace with arm movements and hips, and is otherwise a bit similar to the swing dances. Practicing both swing and salsa has a strong synergy for learning leading/following in arm distance. Seems like the main calendar for salsa in Copenhagen is on http://www.hifisalsa.dk/

¿Contemporary dance? and yoga – this is not social dancing as such – but recently I experienced some very good dance practice and exercising, which helps build foundation for the other dances. I can recommend the dance/practice by inMotion at Tinkuy on Mondays and presumeably also somewhere on Saturdays(haven’t tried that yet). Starting yoga (the same place) also feels like improving the foundation for other dances.