2015-06-06 Personal writing

Usually I try to keep as objective as possible,
having thoughts thought through,
and not use “I”, “me”, and the subjective angle.

I have a tendency to prefer
to be in the background,
not attract too much attention
both in writing, and in life.

And then I challenge myself,
currently with the daily writing,
which forces me to lay down filters,
to be able to write without it taking
too much time.

So now I choose to try
to be less careful, less thinking
and just write an publish the thoughts
even though it feels very scary
to write more personal.

Being less or more
objective and subjective
has its costs and benefits.

The seemingly objective
is more professional,
and also more safe
by adding the personal distance.
And it also feels more proper
only to focus on the matter
and not oneself.

The subjective
is more vulnerable,
connecting, and scary,
probably better at engaging the reader
as it will feel more personal.
But also more ego-oriented,
which might distract
from the matter at hand.

In my world view,
I have a preconception or feeling,
about the objective is better,
and the subjective being egoistic.

So here I write,
mainly to myself
to say that it is ok,
and might actually
be beneficial
to write more subjective,
more with an offset in
“me” and “I”.