2015-06-07 An efficient weekday

There are days with my son,
there are days with events or plans,
and then there are normal weekdays
where I focus on my work.

Focussing on your own work takes discipline,
some days are efficient, others are slow,
– so what does a good workday look like?
This question is interesting for me
as a way to optimize my own days,
– and I know I would also be curious about
other people structure their day and life,
so therefore I choose to share mine.

A good weekday for me would be like:
I get up at 6:30, eat some oatmeal,
and next I go biking, thinking/meditating
followed by some yoga or exercise.
Home again, prepare water and food,
and then start working:
– first the administrative chores,
then writing and studying,
and after that go on into
the actual working/coding.
When afternoon/evening arrives,
have some free time for cooking,
eating, practical stuff
and then social/dancing for a while,
(either at home or going out,
and sometimes during day instead of evening)
before getting back home to sleep.

So the 24 hours of an efficient weekday could consist of:

  • 1 hour of meditating / thinking
  • 1½ hour of yoga or exercising
  • 1 hour of adminstrative business stuff (email, backlog/plan/review)
  • 1 hour of studying/practicing/writing
  • 5 hours of actual working
  • 2½ hours of social dancing
  • 1 hour of biking/transport
  • 3 hours of breaks and including cooking, eating, housework, etc.
  • 8 hours of sleeping

How do you spend your day?