2015-06-15 Regular review

How do you structure your life?

Regular reviews is a habit that helps me a lot, and that I am very grateful for: twice each month I stop and take time to review/reflect on the preceding half-month, plan the next half-month, and look at the direction of my life and goals in the bigger perspective.

I started the practice of regular reviews years ago, and is partly inspired by the “Getting Things Done” weekly review. It is also part of my hierarchical reviews, where I look at my life on different time scales. During the last years, the interval between the review has been between 4 days and a month, and around 2 weeks seems to be the sweet spot for me, – doing it for a half-month also coincides with my time wheel, which is a very concrete representation of the passing time, where the half-months matches the hours of the day. I will write more about hierarchical reviews and the time wheel later.

The structure and form of the half-monthly reviews are continuously evolving, and this is some of the things I look at today:

  • Gratitude: what are the highlights, and what am I grateful for in the preceding two weeks.
  • Mind, – what have I learned, and in which areas have I expanded my world view. Awareness of this also helps remembering it.
  • Body, – have I been exercising and been good to my body.
  • In addition to mind and body, I also look review the status of my home, social life, mystical quest, inbox, and son, etc..
  • Review and planning of focus for the preceding/next half-month. A short statement on what is important to remember the next two weeks, – for example a regular daily rhythm, some work structure or similar.
  • Review of overall goal/direction.
  • Task list. In the beginning each half-month I make a list of what I intend to work with, which I continuously update. At the end of it, I look at it again, and see what is actually done, and which other priorities has been set.

Doing these regular review helps me keep focus, and gives a view of the progress of time. I feel this practice is giving me a lot, and it might also be a good habit for you to regularly set some time in your calendar, and build the habit of looking at how you are walking through life.