2015-06-16 Half-monthly review 2015-11

Just a subset of the half-monthly review. This is mostly personal notes, but some people might find it interesting, and by stating my tasks publicly, it adds an external responsibility as an internal motivation to fulfil them.

Some plans/tasks for the coming two weeks:

  • Daily habits: continue public daily writing and code commits, and also make morning exercise a truly daily practice
  • Start using facebook, – update status and begin to login weekly. Overcome the worst aversions against walled-garden monopoly, and giving up on personal data
  • Create/code dashboard for solsort.com (task carried over from last half-month)
  • Take a look at the tinkuy ruby code if time permits
  • Visit Vestjylland and my mother (with my son)
  • Practical tasks at home

Public status from the preceding two weeks:

  • Started public daily writing practice
  • Begun on wordpres: installed a blog, and wrote code for a child-theme, and a plugin + widget
  • Added more info in the /bibdata site
  • Ensured that the backup of the server logs+db runs automatically
  • Progressed on dance practice: stronger separation of hip/chest/head-level movement and spine, discovering/reinventing social dance moves, focus, etc.
  • Visited grandmother, had sibling-jam-session, etc. (with my son)
  • Did not make the solsort.com dashboard as planned