2015-06-23 The state of mind of traveling

The landscape passes by, the masts of the ships, the bridge across the water, and the trees. I am typing these letters, while I look out of the window, and see a world that travelling by.

Just had a conversation with fellow traveller, about life and the world: What would you like your lift to be, when you look back upon at the end of your days? The meme of 10.000 hours to becoming an expert, and what area of expertise are you learning. To set your borders and not letting yourself get overrun, the cultural differences between Denmark and France, and how you learn from kids. – these are the topics of a random meeting, when being in the state of mind of travelling.

Now I sit and write, while looking out of the window. Being able to type without seeing the keyboard often comes handy, it allows you to be more open, look around, instead of the sitting zoomed into the machine, – or the phone that many of my fellow travellers sit with. It takes some effort to learn, but if you write regularly, it is worth it. It will pay itself back in time saved when writing, and you can open your awareness, so you can spot the flowers at the roadside, and catch eye contact, and a smile of a stranger, while still writing the words on the keyboard.

I really like trains, – my favourite is the night train: it is like sleeping in the stomach of this huge creature swimming through the night, with the calming sound of engine purring like a cat, and the monotone music of the rails below you. It is a good place to sleep. And the night train is full of surprises, you spend hours with random people, which will bring experiences, and change your mind in new ways.

Today, it is just a day train, but that too is a wonderful way of travelling. It can be very efficient work time, all the daily distractions are cut away, and it is only you, your keyboard, and a lot of time where the two of you are bound to be together. It can be good time with friends or colleagues, – a timeslot allocated for us being here, moving together through the landscape, talking, playing games, and deepening relations. Or it can be an adventure, if you choose to be open up, put your digital devices away, and smile to the world around you.

There is this special kind of openness, where you meet new people, and things arrive, just because you open your eyes and heart for them. This happens even more when travelling, when we get out of our usual context, though it is also possible to bring it more into our daily life. The road is wild, it starts at your door, and it can bring you anywhere, – and there is a whole world out there, – so sometimes it is fun just to see where it takes you.