2015-06-27 Consuming in Copenhagen

Whenever we buy something, we are voting with our money. So I prefer small and local, or especially where I know that the profit goes to something good. This some of the places I prefer in Copenhagen:

  • Københavns FødevareFællesskab, kbhff, is a volunteer food cooperative which focusses on biological locally grown vegetables, and run by volunteers, – you have to volunteer to buy food there, so I have not used it for a while, as I have been to busy with other projects.
  • COOP grocery stores such as Fakta and Irma, – many of the Danish supermarkets are owned by the cooperative COOP, which are again owned by the 1.4 million members, or one fifth of the population. This means that profit goes back to the consumers, and towards better working conditions etc. instead of earning money to some investment fund.
  • Mimers Cykler is my favourite bicycle repair shop, – a small local bicycle repair man, who is passionate about repairing bikes, – and very good and fast service, and surprisingly affordable.
  • Naturlig fod is a barefoot shoe shop, – I started using barefoot shoes a while ago, and this small shop is the only place in Copenhagen that specialises in these kind of shoes, and it is run by a guy passionate about barefoot running.
  • Tinkuy is a “spiritual gym”, that has yoga, dance, etc.
  • Morgenstedet is a nice vegetarian place to eat.
  • Second hand shops run by non-profit organisations, such as Røde Kors, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, etc. Reuse gives minimal environmental impact, and the profit goes to a good cause. And you can find very high quality goods very cheaply.
  • Cafe Retro and Cafe Nutid are nice non-profit cafés in Copenhagen.