2015-07-02 Summer dance

It is summer, and there is outdoor dancing in Copenhagen:Tango on most Wednesdays and some Fridays and Saturdays, Kizomba on Mondays, various summerdance Mondays-Thursdays, and also lots of outdoor Swing dancing and spontaneous Contact Impro events.

The events start out with an introduction to the dance, if you would like to learn it / brush it up.

I went to dance tango in fælledparken yesterday, and it was awesome, – including some nice fusion-dancing of tango with elements of swing, contact impro and something I believe was closely related to kizomba 🙂

If you are new to these kinds of social dancing, – one thing that is good to remember is not important if you are beginner or advanced: it is the musicality and connection that makes the dance great, and the steps are just toppings. Also, if leaders try to keep it simple and listen to the music, and followers have presence, connection and musicality, it will become a wonderful dance, – and these advices are good no matter if it is your first dance, or if you have been dancing for more than a decade.

See you dancing in the summer 🙂