2015-07-03 Hierarchical review

Regular reviews is a habit, that I feel is a huge benefit for me. I mentioned the half-monthly review earlier, but it actually has several levels:

  • Daily: I keep a calendar/daily-log, where I also try to write down the highlight of the day, and what I am/have been doing. – I manage to do it most days, though there are irregular periods.
  • Half-monthly: twice a month I look through my tasks and daylog, and review what has been happening the previous weeks, and what I want to focus on in the next weeks.
  • Quarterly: every quarter I look at my life, and review my backlog, my current overall direction, and decide where my overall focus will be.
  • Milestone reviews: sometimes yearly, or at milestones in life, I stop up for a while, and look at: where I were, where I am, and where I am going.

These different levels of review/planning, combine to a hierarchical structure, where daily reviews combine to half-monthly reviews, where half-monthly reviews combine to quarterly reviews, and quarterly reviews combine to milestone reviews.