2015-07-05 Dress style

I recently decided to discard most of my clothing and start wearing the same every day. This has several reasons:

  • Cognitive load, – I never think about what I will wear
  • Ease, – the needed clothing is always in the top of the drawer
  • Comfort, – always wearing the most comfortable clothing
  • Space, – it uses a lot less space, (a side effect I only realised afterwards)
  • Consistent image
  • Good for travelling

What I choose to wear:

  • Black t-shirt without label. Merino wool, which is the most comfortable shirt I have worn, can handle dancing or exercising without feeling soaked, and it also looks ok in a suit.
  • Trousers: I still need to solve this one, – needs to be usable both for moving/dancing, and semi-formal occasions, and have good pockets.
  • Extra layers: long johns when cold, and either a jacket or sweater on top of the t-shirt.
  • Socks, many identical black socks with wool, – no need for pairing them, and dries easily.
  • Barefoot shoes, in black leather – comfortable to walk in, handle rain and wet grass, and are still suitable for semi-formal occasions and dancing.