2015-07-13 Record yourself

I just rediscovered a very useful tool for learning: recording yourself.

When thinking about it, then it is so obvious, – but I am rarely doing it nonetheless. Maybe I rarely do it because it feels silly seeing/hearing oneself. Maybe I rarely do it because I am not ready for that kind of self-criticism. But it is immensely good feedback, when you get around to do it.

Yesterday I did it in the context of dancing, – and now I know very clearly things that I need to work on about my posture, my connection, and the way I walk.

When I was practising public speaking in toastmasters, I also recorded myself during the speech preparation, and this was also one of the best tools for improving.

This is a tool in the toolbox, and I often forget to use it, though it is super powerful. So a reminder for you (and myself next time I read this post): record yourself, and review it for better practising and learning.