2015-07-14 Efficient cooking

How do you approach cooking?

I like to cook, but am too lazy to cook for myself every day. Here are some hacks that I use to get better food:

  • Have guests. – one of the best motivation to make better food for myself, is actually to have somebody else over for dinner.
  • Make large potions, and freeze them down. My most common fast food is soup, usually with potatoes/lentils/onion/etc. – once in a while I take the time to make a huge potion of soup, and freeze most of it down, – then when I am busy, it just takes less than 1 minute to start reheating it, – and a little while later, the food will be ready almost by itself.
  • Precook base recipes. I have certain base recipes that I use as building blocks for other dishes, – for example a tomato/lentil sauce that I use in oven baked pancake, and on pizza, mixed with vegetables in spring rolls, and on pasta, etc. Having sauces and other pre-made building blocks like this ready in the freezer, makes it much easier to make the other meals.
  • Have check list of dishes. When having guests, I usually make a check list of the dishes that I am going to make, – it makes it much easier to remember what I am doing. I also have a check list for brunch, with the result that making brunch for a bunch of people, has no cognitive load any more, and thus much easier to do.
  • Favourite meals. I just have a dozen of recipes that I know by heart, which means less thinking when cooking. Well – the word recipes should be used with care, because it is more like: a handful of this, and some of this, and pour whatever vegetables in the fridge into the pan. Knowing a recipe well also give more space for experimentation.
  • Multi-task. Watching tech-talks or movies, think through projects, etc. while cooking.