2015-07-15 Favourite board-like games

Playing games is nice pastime, – these are games which I have at home, like to play, and would recommend to try out:

Robo Rally is a robot “racing” game, – you make plans all the players robots move at the same time, which often end up in a funny slapstick-like mess of robots pushing each other in directions you never expected.

The Resistance is a social game, where you have to figure out who are on the same team. You have to read people, and the games can be very different, – it is a bit similar to Werewolf/Mafia-games, but no one are eliminated during the game, which is a huge boon.

Combigame is my version of a Set-like pattern-spotting game, a multi player puzzle solving where you can also jump in and out of the game.

(Zombie) Flux is a funny card game, full of zombies, where the rules changes, and which you can join in during the game play.

Go is one of the best two-player strategy game. It is an classical game, in the same category as chess. The rules are very simple, but the game-play has immense depths. Also, it is possible to give advantage to a player, so both players can have a challenging game, even if they are on different levels.

Pathfinder (beginner box) is a pen-and-paper role playing game, and the beginner box has some simplified rules for easy getting started.

Twister is a game where you twist your body, and a good way to get moving, – also playable by very young children.

Risk is a classical strategy game, – can take quite long to play though.

Carcassonne is good as a relaxing tile-laying board game, also nice for two players.

Classical card games, such as poker, pirat-whist, are also fun, – and card tricks can be a fun practise too.

EuroCards is my attempt on an educational top-trumps-like card game, where you learn about the European countries at the same time.

“Lifestyle” is a game where you have to guess each others preferences in various aspect of life. Good for getting to know people more, – found this in a second-hand shop, and have not really seen it other places, – whereas the other games are somewhat more mainstream.