2015-07-20 Spending time with a 3 year old

How I like to spend time with my son:

  • Storytelling and reading, – it is cosy, and also a way to rediscover our cultural history of fairy tales, mythology and poetry. I try to find stories that we both like, and find interesting.
  • Dancing and exercising, – moving together is one of the best ways to be together, and I use a lot of inspiration from dances such as Contact Impro etc. He also gets a taste of all kinds of different music, – and the different songs get different names sot the tick-tock song are either Kroke’s “Time” or Pink Floyd’s “Time”. He has also begun joining in into my regular exercising (mostly by climbing on me while doing various exercise).
  • Drawing, – sitting with paper, drawing books and pens are fun, – usually he decides what we are going to draw, and sometimes we also make stories about it. I am not good at drawing, but I like to learn it, and it is very fun to draw together.
  • Playing music together, – it is fun to play music together.
  • Learning / exploring, – he is curious and good at asking questions, so some books we use a lot are about how stuff works, and a children encyclopedia, – sometimes I also learn, or gets ideas for fun experiments, – we were talking about sound and waves recently, and I promised that we would build a “phone” from a couple of empty cans and some string, – a fun physics experiment I have not done for a long time.
  • Building/creating/repairing things, – he often helps out building or repairing things at home, things like simple woodwork, screwing screws in where needed etc.
  • Being out in nature, – we both enjoy getting fresh air and playing in nature, and there are so many things you can do: climbing trees, flying with dragons, playing with sticks, etc.
  • Practical stuff at home, – a good way to spend time is also doing household work together, – washing dishes becomes a fun water play, and the vacuum cleaner is a technical robotic creature. It is a good way to make chores a play. And cooking is always fun.

Of course we also play with lego etc. but it seems like it at least as much fun to him to build something with woodwork that we are going to use, as building a lego tower. We have almost no screen time, – a typical exception could be if we were talking about how a space rocket, or gravity works, and take a look at some youtube videos from a real space station, etc.

Today it is his 3 year birthday, and I realise that not a single of the presents that I give him (or have found on behalf of grandparent), are from a traditional toy shop: instead there are books, small practise swords from a LARP special store (he is very much into swords at the moment), and a musical instrument.