2015-07-21 Checklist and food for throwing a party

When I throw party or make events, I often make a check list fo the actual process, and preparation, which makes it a lot easier/approachable. The check list can be like

  • people, – who, will come and what do they have in common. Also consider who could be relevant for each other, and fit together.
  • activities, – things that we might do: board games, jam sessions, dancing, singing, presentations, party games, etc. Think also if there is some activity you can encourage some of the guests to be anchorperson for.
  • food, – appetisers, main food, dessert. I think it is often nicer to make a relaxed buffet of various finger-food and small dishes, that you can eat during the event, than a formal dinner etc.
  • theme and decoration.

A concrete example of a check list for food could be:

  • Buns and biscuits
  • Strawberry jam and cacao spread
  • Various cheese
  • Fruits
  • Chocolate covered dried fruits
  • Almond/data/banana triangle cookies
  • Hummus
  • Tomato/garlic dip
  • Olives with almonds
  • Pizza-slices
  • Spring rolls

Even though I do make these check lists for events etc. I almost never follow them 100%, but they make a very good base for improvisation.