2015-07-24 Focus

The question is not how to avoid interruptions, but rather, how you get back on track after getting interrupted.

The day before yesterday I did not get around to write for various reasons, – and a streak of 50 consecutive daily writes was broken, – as an interesting result it has been a lot more difficult to get around to write yesterday and today than the other days. So this is the point where I feel it is extra important to discipline oneself. I also know this from working regularly on my own projects, – that when I miss one day it is much easier to miss the next days too if I am not aware of this pattern.

For more than a week I have also been particularly unfocussed on projects, – it is clear from my calendar, that there have been surprisingly little progress. So the way I try to get back in focus now is:

  1. Awareness – I know that I am in an inefficient period, – this shows clearly both in my personal notes, and on github, which tracks my public activities.
  2. Review – it is ok that I am having a break, where is my focus and why
  3. Hard priorities – choose what to choose what I want to focus on, and cut away other things, so the chosen focus gets the need attended. This includes discarding social events etc for getting back into the rhythm and prioritised activities.

It is important to sometimes focus on oneself to be able to better focus on others at other times.