2015-07-25 Awareness of time

Naturally I am quite unaware of the time passing by, – or more specific, I usually do not keep track of what the time is.

A productivity hack that I sometimes use is to focus an awareness of the hours passing by. The way I do it is: to keep track what I am doing every clock hour. This introduces a kind of time limits of an hour, where I see what I can get done in that timespan, – which is similar in effect to the pomodoro method, or setting an alarm clock to focus on a task, except the alarms start automatically. It also creates an interesting artefact for introspection: a log of what I have been doing every clock hour, which quite honestly tells me how I am using my time.

So when I feel a bit out of focus, and not finding my direction, but has awareness enought to realise that, – I just open my digital notebook/calendar, write down what I intend to do, and then note down what I am doing every clock hour, and also if I have gotten somewhere. So for example this clock hour, I will write that I got up from bed, took a bath, found some breakfast, did the daily writing, and maybe there will also be time for a bit of exercising.

Beside having an hourly tick, which helps focus as if it were a small deadline, the actual notes/timelog is also very valuable.

Measuring how I am spending my time once in a while, is also very valuable exercise for me. It makes me realise, that there are things that I am spending way more time on that I noticed, or intended, – and this tells me what I should use less (or more) time on.