2015-07-26 Daily writing experiences

After daily writing for more than 50 days, these are my experiences:

  • It is a good exercise for self-discipline and to become a better writer.
  • When having no inspiration, or idea of topic, just sit down and start writing the stream of consciousness, and a topic will appear.
  • It lessens the anxiety of putting content on line, – it forces me to be practise to be less of a perfectionist.
  • To my surprise, some people are reading what I am writing, – this has a motivational effect, and also makes me more conscious about what I write.
  • It is good to think about the topic beforehand, – this makes the writing much easier.
  • The writing works best when it is part of the daily rhythm, – I try to do it in the morning around breakfast. When I do not get around to do it at the fixed time, it becomes more of a chore.
  • If I am not careful, I spend too much time on the writing, – sometimes 2-3 hours for a post. The optimal would be if it takes half an hour,hich is clearly possible: I have written on this post for 15 minutes so far. A pathway to efficient writing is to have time limit, and think about the topic beforehand.
  • Having to find a daily topic, makes you think in new ways, and learn/explore things. Sometimes I use the daily writing practise as a tool when doing research, and write down the distilled result. This is a very nice way of learning.
  • Practise makes it easier just to put the words down without too many filters. Then reading through, and revising, gives a feedback loop on your writing.

My preliminary conclusion of the daily writing project is that I am learning a lot from it, and that it is a very worthwhile exercise, that I would recommend most people to try out.