2015-07-27 Wishlist, and gifts

It is a good practise to sit and write down everything you want. It is also a dangerous practise, – yesterday I went to the place in my notes, where I keep a wishlist, and it was empty. The reason it was empty is that when I really think through what is eligible for a wishlist, then it is either something that I really need (and then get), or something that I do not really need. So even if you do not have any particular occasion, formulating your needs is a good exercise.

Anyhow, I have an occasion, so I am actually make a wishlist, and go through my backlog, and memory, and identify things that I wish for. Some of it is embarrassingly specific and do not open up for much creativity, but my current wishlist is:

  • Bits for normal screws for drill
  • Sangbogen 3
  • Large transparent stackable plastic boxed for organising stuff in basement
  • Black wool socks from sortesokker.dk uldsokker str 40-47 (I already use these, but are wearing them out, so need a larger supply, – by the way: super idea to only have the same kind of socks, as you never need to pair them)
  • Low open trays/boxes for easy access to kitchen shelves, depth ca. <37cm, width ca. <24cm
  • Shoes: either giftcard for naturligfod.dk or Vivo Barefoot RA II leather, size 45m
  • Something small with a story, (previous examples include a bowl from a friend, a keychain from a couchsurfer, homemade potholders from my sister, etc.).

I also have some non-wishes:

  • No wine, – I almost never drink, nor use it in cooking
  • No chocolate, – I prefer to make my own (dipping dried fruit etc. in melted dark chocolate).
  • No flowers, – I am not good at appreciating these

What I give to others, – recently I got an idea for gifts that I have begun using: earmarked money that should be used in a specific way, like “an event/experience”, “a private lesson”, “music”, “a travel”, “use it for a gift for somebody”, “use it on a festival”. Ie. trying to initiate an experiential purchase that the receiver desires, or encourage the receiver to give forward, – as some studies indicates that these are the best ways to use money to increase happiness. Another default gift I often give is some home made chocolate in a bowl(which now due to the occasion has a story).