2015-07-29 Exercising

When I was younger, I focussed almost only on geeky/technical stuff, and did not move my body. Recently I have begun to try to get more into shape, which also feels more important as I am growing older. Moving the body helps on mental tasks too, so it is very worthwhile, and might even save time, even though it takes time. So I would encourage others to try the same.

Running, or going to a gym, wouldn’t motivate me. I try to get some kind of exercise daily: these are the things that I might to do, or would like to do, and the inspirations I have:

  • Dancing gives some exercise, and it is the most fun. Contact Improvisation feels good for flexibility/strength/endurance. Swing/Lindy Hop is perfect for getting the pulse up (and sweating, unfortunately).
  • Yoga, is perfect for flexibility (which I need). I was reminded about this at Højskole, where Simone Markussen made an inspiring yoga class some years ago, – when I got back to Copenhagen I tried some yoga classes, but I didn’t really get into it until I recently where I have started at Jacob Dernjé’s classes, which fits me well.
  • High-intensity interval training, – often variations of the 7 minute workout, but sometimes with different exercises. It is a way to get some exercise when I do not have time for anything else. Here I also draw on an earlier experience of the workout at my previous work, where my IT-colleagues Martin Krøis Holtmann and Lars Vensild Hörnell were leading the exercise, and I learned a lot from them (they are both now exercise trainers).
  • Movement/dance classes with inMotion, – this is some of the best movement exercise I have tried, – the teachers have martial arts background which is clearly used in the dance practise. Once when a class was cancelled, I was very lucky to join the teachers own warm-up routine instead, – which is a very good way to work through the body, which I have also been joining when possible afterwards, and which I am learning a lot from.
  • Swimming/snorkelling, – it is very nice to go to the beach and swim, and it is a good way to use the body too. And it is fantastic to see and explore the world under the sea surface, – I tried this with a friend, and it is definitely something I want to do more.
  • Jumping from trampoline, I have only tried this for real once, but it was a lot of fun, and I want to do more of this again.
  • Bicycling as my main mean of transportation probably also gives some exercise.

I would also be curious to hear if you have inspirations for interesting things to do.

Now that I look at the list above, it looks like I am doing a lot, – though until recently really I didn’t do anything regularly at all, except maybe for a bit of tango-dancing, – but for me, it really feels good to have started using my body more (even though it feels very out of place in the beginning, when you are surrounded by flexible yogis or amazing dancers).