2015-07-31 Planned vs improvised

Planned vs improvised is an interesting duality. It is especially clear within music: there exist classically trained mucians who only play by score and never improvise, and also great musicians who only improvise and cannot read a score. These are of course extremes, but in this world this duality of planned vs improvised is very outspoken. This is also not just music, but look also in other endevours: do we have a coreography for the dance, do we ahave a script for the play, do we have a transcript of the speak we are giving, do we have an outline for the piece we are writing, do we plan or improvise the activity we are doing?
It is interesting to stop for a while, and think about the things we are doing: why am I more planning, or more improvised, in the things I am doing. And to imagine what would happen if I was focussing more on the other side of the duality. When I look at my life, I can see that for me in general it feels most comfortable to improvise, but at the same time I consciously adding a lot of planned structure, as I know that having more of that component is a boon for me. In the dances, in the music, and in my work, I choose directions where the ability to improvise is a critical component. This is probably also an aspect of the personality, – probably reflected in the Judging/Perciving aspect of MBTI-personality model or the Open+Conscientiousness aspect of the Five-factor model.

Do you have a tendency to plan or improvise. A fun challenge, that I try on myself is to look at the things you are doing, and imagine, what would happen if you, in this area, tried to use the other side of the planning/improvisation duality. This question sometimes helps me pushing forward, and trying new approaches/directions.