2015-08-03 Growing older

Age is a funny thing, – and has many sides about it:

The feeling of age varies with social contexts, – in some social circles I feel in similar age as peers in the late forties, and in other social circles I feel in similar age as peers in the early twenties. There are also contexts where I feel generations younger or older then the peers.

Another aspect is how settled you are, – being a father makes me grow enormously and adds new aspects and responsibility to my life, – though my path of life is not the traditional road of settling down, – then there is the aspect of settling into life.

Then the major point is how ageing can lead to maturity, experience, and hopefully wisdom, as time goes by.

Then there is the physical age, – the body changes as time goes by, – if nothing is done it just slowly decays, but sometimes it can go the other way for a while, if time is taken to care for the physical body.

It is a beautiful things: the way we grow, and expand and disappear at the same time into the universe, – as a grain of sand on the shores of eternity.