2015-08-07 Stream of consciousness

The idea of stream of consciousness is just to write down whatever comes into the mind. Now this adds a meta level, as I write about the stream of consciousness in the stream of consciousness. Why do I write this way today? The answer is simple: I have delayed my writing to the last moment, so now it is just something that I have to get done, and I do not have a lot of inspiration. So I just write whatever comes into my mind.

Apparently the mind has gone to a meta level, because now I look into what I am thinking about and thinking about that I am thinking about that I am doing meta thinking. Meta-thinking just means to think about thinking.

The thought process is broken by the word Gilgamesh. Yesterday I looked at the beginning of the Gilgamesh story again. This a crazy ancient story / myth which is fun to read. Strange archetypes: Gilgamesh the hero is also exploiting his people, and and then there is the duality between man and nature, with Enkido, the man of nature whom Gilgamesh sends a woman to seduce. Mythology is wonderful, – some of it could be used as children stories, but this one is definitely not one of them.

For children stories I like the fairy tales too, – reminds me about the fables, which I want to find in a version to read a loud. A fun project could be to translate/retell/rewrite the old public domain fables, and maybe make an open content story book for my son. I remember the tales are all on line on Gutenberg, and it could be a good source of daily writing topics too, when I am out of inspiration. Making open content translations of children tales, and then read them.

While I write, I look at the word count, – though I have no definite goals, I like to have about / at least 500 words per day, – but just a daily article however long, is ok for the purpose of practising daily writing.

While I write this, I also feel it might be a bit waste of your time to put it on line, but then I stop and tell myself that it is your choice to actually read it. That is actually a good attitude to remember when pushing yourself to put something on line. It helps kill the perfectionism.

I am around 400 words now, and decide that this is it. It took 15 minutes, and now I can continue with my daily plans, going out and get some exercise and dancing, before going to sleep. Otherwise today has been mostly working at the computer, with progress in several directions, but also a bit tiresome not getting out and getting some air yet.

Reminder to myself: bring the computer with you outside more often, – maybe go to the beach or forest, and code in the morning. What else should I remember?This weekend a lot of things are happening in Copenhagen at the Kulturhavn, so I will probably drop by there for one or two events, just search for it online, and you will find a lot of different interesting things.