2015-08-09 The power of music

Often efficient working is connected to certain states of mind. A productivity hack that I often use is to connect the focussed work mode to certain kinds of music. So for example when I need to write/type something fast, I have one piece of music I put on, – another one for house work, and a couple of others more thinking / slower ones.

This makes an unconscious connection between the work focus and the music, so whenever I put the music on, I know that I am in work mode.

Another good use for music is that it can be used for handling emotions. In so when there is a lot of feeling boiling inside, a good way to find calmness, is to find some music that resonates with the emotions and thereby work them through.

And then of course, music is also good to move and dance to. And when I have difficulties pulling myself together on certain task, it helps to put on the corresponding music. This is a productivity hack that I know works well, and should remember to do more often.