2015-08-11 Writing direction

The daily writing practice is very good for me, and it has also made me realise two important things:

  • I can consistently write some decent volume of text when I choose to focus on it.
  • I do have the self discipline to have a daily focus and progress on writing.

This comes somewhat as a surprise to me: you do not really realise that you can do it until you try yourself.

This also opens up for new possibilities and makes me think about doing a pivot on the writing. So far the focus has been on small individual pieces, mostly to become better at writing, and also to prove to myself that I could have a daily writing practice. Now, if I can write daily, I could also try to add more focus to it, than just random posts.

A major motivation for me in trying to write is that I would like to have a way to pass on some of my experience to my son, in case I have an early departure. A good way to find out what to focus on is to ask the question: what would you do, or regret not having done, if you knew you were going to die soon?

For me there are two major things that spring into mind; first there are some aspects and perspectives of the world that I would like offer my son (mainly tips for self development, and views on the world and the universe), and secondly I have an idea of a new and different way to create software and interact with machines, that I would like to have seen in practice.

Actually I do know that I am going to die very soon, probably in less than 100 years. So I should get going. Memento mori.

The daily writing practice can also be a stepping stone to passing to first thing: Writing some notes for my son with a perspective on the world. Now this also give me the impulse to change the approach to the daily writing. Instead of writing a random post every day, I could start making notes on an more coherent piece on life, drafting sections, and rewrite and rework parts of it. That would feel like an even more purposeful approach to the daily writing.

Actually I have several possible other directions for the daily writing. So the notes for my son, is the first one, but another possibility would also be to use it for studying. I have the intention or idea of studying more, and daily writing would be a good way to reflect learn more efficiently.

And then a third approach would be, when I have some ideas or thought I want to share, either some memes that I want to encourage in the global cognition, or when I believe that I might have something to say that others might derive benefits from.

And another direction for the daily writing is to use it for my own reflection, – like this post. The conclusion for today is that I am at point where it is time to change the approach to the daily writing. It is a good habit, which I will continue, but next I will try to find a more coherent focus on it, – at least when I do not have anything specific to write about. So these are the directions where it might make sense to focus when writing:

  • Notes for my son, – try to put words on some of my direction of life.
  • Studies, – learn and write about it at the same time.
  • Other writings, – when I need to write something and the daily writing would be a good place to draft it, or when I see something to write that I feel might benefit others.

So next step: start writing about studying, also maybe sign up on some coursera course. Work on more coherent notes for my son.