2015-08-14 Learning

I like to learn. Currently I am looking into several different directions:

There are always more technical / theoretical stuff to focus on, – here I am currently looking into user interfaces and functional reactive programming. A very nice resource in that area is https://github.com/Day8/re-frame. This is a framework for building ClojureScript apps, but also goes to a great length explaining the paradigm. – this is actually one of my favourite parts about Clojure, that things are often very thought through, and brilliantly explained, so I learn a lot from it.

Another study that I have started to look into recently, is a coursera-course about learning. during the daily writes a couple of days ago, I thought that I should use the daily writing as a tool for learning, – so I started browsing coursera for interesting courses, and found some. The first one that I am looking into is “Learning how to learn”, – I guess I like meta levels. It is also nice when doing practical stuff, – I went through the content of the week during dishwashing/cooking while my son was sleeping. This is the main takeaways that I remember now:

  • The distinction between focussed and diffuse thinking, which are two empirically distinct modes of thinking.
  • Reminder of pomodoro method (I already knew that from a junto meeting, but did not have as much emphasis on reward after the pomodoro, as the course had)
  • The usual stuff that the sleep, exercise, and social context, are all important in learning.

The course is at https://www.coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn if you are curious about the details.