2015-08-15 Half-monthly review 2015-15

Twice a month, I do a review, looking at what I have done the preceding weeks, and thinking about where my focus will be the next weeks. It is time for this today, – and this time again, I will use it as topic for my daily writing practice.

Six: One, two, three.

I have not really finished the tasks I intended in the last weeks, but done some good progress in the directions. I usually prioritise 1-2-3: 6 tasks or areas of focus, one major task, two medium task and three minor tasks:

  1. The high priority was to automate and set up some wordpress-multihosting environment, so I could offer hosting of websites easily. I originally intended to use ansible, and beautiful automated management, but got more pragmatic, and ended up just making a bunch of simple idempotent shell-scripts, which can now easily reinstall servers. Starting looking into the multihosting, I concluded it would be better on my scale, just to make automated individual installs, but have not finished the scripts for that yet. On the other hand, transitioned to a new server, got backup/restore script running, have local dev-environments identical to production(except for added debug output), set up web statistics(piwik), fixed bug with the my WP-REST-API-permalink-config which took a lot of time to solve, and various fixes to the website.
  2. One medium priority task was to build a demo app using CLJS and the WP-REST-API, draft a talk about it, and also sign up as potential speaker on wordcamp. This is both to become better at CLJS and also to become more outgoing with my professional activities. Meanwhile I also discovered that Hack4DK happens at the same time as wordcamp, so I am contemplating whether to sign up as a speaker on wordcamp or not, – so the talk part is on hold. I did write a super simple webapp that just gets all the posts through WP-REST-API, shows a post, and has a fancy menu to choose other posts. The most important thing, was that I also got around to configure my CLJS-environment for efficient development, and researched the best ways to make SPA, so even though it did not lead to a really ship-worthy project, it lead to a lot of progress in my own development toolbox.
  3. The other medium priority task was to be more socially outgoing, – had some operational goals that I did not live up to.
  4. The first minor task was to get started on some potential collaborative projects. One is postponed, and the other is going steady and slowly forward.
  5. The second minor task is that my writings is persisted, such that it would not disappear if I suddenly died. I did not finish this task, mainly because it depended on the WP-REST-API, which took much longer than expected due to a bug.
  6. The third task was some light progress in restructuring my kitchen, which I did not get around to do.

So in general I did not fulfil my intended goals the past weeks, – but there were a lot of worthwhile steps forward nonetheless: Especially I had quite a bit of focussed time, progressed on the work areas, and learned a lot.

Some observations

  • When working on a project, there is first some time to get into the zone, then there is the efficient working time, and then when some desired milestone has been reached, the efficiency falls quite a bit, and I have a tendency to spend time on needless polish or just getting distracted browsing/researching. Here I should be better at leaving the computer and get some air, when finishing a milestone. Similarly I also spend to much time browsing/searching information. The take away here is that I should spend less inefficient time in front of the computer, – and an way for doing this could be to set up some time limits on how much time I allow myself to use the computer per day.
  • The daily writing has not been as focussed or inspired the last day, – it especially became difficult after I thought about starting to use it for something, (intending to use it for studying, or drafting some notes for my son), so I decide to go back to not have any particular plans for the daily writing, but just see where it goes.
  • When dancing, I have noticed that the average swing dancing makes me much happier that tango or contact impro. The best tango and contact impro dances feels much more intense than the best swing dances, but I get consistently happy from dancing swing, whereas I have experienced that in tango and contact impro it can happen that I go dancing, without having any “special” dances that lifts me up. As a conclusion, I will focus on swing dancing (and use more tango within the swing dancing).
  • I have been a bit down the last weeks, but manage to progress and learn steadily nonetheless.
  • Daily exercise a bit low, should focus more on keeping moving.
  • There has been an unintended focus on learning the last weeks, and it will probably continue.
  • I have been measuring the amount of effective work time, and the preceding weeks I have actually spend as much time on working as I intend. That feels very good, and a goal the next weeks are to keep working reasonable hours.

Some of the highlights the preceding weeks has been:

  • Progress on cljs, – especially getting a development environment with figwheel+vim cooperating, and reading about the ideas behind the re-frame framework.
  • Dancing
  • Spending time with my son, including in Vestjylland, and at Kulurhavnen

Tasks for the next weeks: 1-2-3

  1. Major: Daily steady work progress – minimum 3 hours efficient work time, maximum 6 hours in front of computer. Daily writing and exercise, and get out / into the body when going into inefficient state.
  2. Medium: Be more outgoing / social (with some operational goals)
  3. Medium: Update/work-through the 10×10 memory map I am working on, including adding drawings to missing positions.
  4. Minor: persist blog/writings to a permanent public storage
  5. Minor: practical things at home: send stuff away to second-hand store, and do small kitchen improvements
  6. Minor: coursera studies