2015-08-16 Associations and read-somedays on meta-thinking

An interesting explanation of what feeling are, is that they are unfulfilled assumptions about the world, or dissonance between the map and the territory. It could be interesting to think this model through, and also how projections would fit in.

This also leads me to the concept that “the map is not the territory” which is the phrase that pops into my mind when thinking about expectations, or the difference between the internal model of the world and the actual world. When I go back to find the origin of that term, I realise that I have mixed up some people, – I wrongly thought it was Vygotsky, but it turns out that it was Korzybski that coined the phrase about the map not being the territory.

Actually Vygotsky has nothing to do with it, but I would like to mention him nonetheless, because he is still interesting as he introduced the idea of Zone of Proximal Development, ZPD, in a learning context, about where to focus for optimal learning.

Korzybski on the other hand is from a more mathematical / philosophical background and is the father of General Semantics. I have stumbled upon General Semantics before, but have not yet studied enough to understand it, but it is on my lists of things I am curious about.

For some reason this also associates into Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, – russian mystic approach, remember reading the intro of one of these books, which talks about the way of the yogi, and contrasts it with the western approach to mysticism, – as far as I remember. Turns out that both Ouspensky and Korzybski are mathematicians, but I do not know if they have anything else in common. (except that I have stumbled upon some of their writings earlier in my life, and it did not really get stuck, other that I thought I I should read ir more some day).

Ken Wilbers Integral Theory, also pops up in the same area of the mind, of things in that direction, that I have stumbled on, and thought I should maybe look more into some day.