2015-09-06 Getting back to daily writing.

What makes you break a structure for a while, and what makes you come back to it?I just took a two week break from the writing, and this morning I just decided to get back to it. I noticed several aspects about taking the break:

  • First there were a couple of days where I was occupied with other stuff, and did not really have the time to write.
  • Then I looked at my focus and priorities, and choose that it was more important to focus on writing code than human text.
  • Another aspect was that there would be a break due to travelling a couple of days later.

After a breaking a habit for a while, it gets more difficult to get back to it, than if you just break it for one day. So it took a week more before I now get back.

So why get back to daily writing, when it takes time? It is a question of the benefits versus the time cost. The main benefit of the daily writing that I miss, is actually the practise of discipline. The last weeks have on average been efficient, with interesting coding, but there has also been occasional days without good focus. The daily writing, – especially early in the day helps put the focus on productivity.