2015-09-07 Development structure, and Lemon status 1

Currently I am changing my software development focus towards the creation of the Tinkuy/Lemon open source app/infrastructure, under the assumption that there will be funding to cover my basic cost of living. I will write more about the project content in a later post.

Development structure

A bit about how I think about my approcah for this kind of project:

  • Open development, – you can follow the work I am doing almost live on github. Most things are public for ultimate transparency. It also gives a lot of infrastructure (continuous integration etc.) for free.
  • Agile develpment, with backlog and issue tracking using github’s infrastructure, and kanban via waffle.io, – we are already using this for NewCircleMovement/tinkuy and it works well.
  • I will make regular written status on how things are progressing, – this my usual practice when doing projects like this. As the project is public and open source, I will probably post the status here, at least twice a month, in addition to sharing it directly.
  • I write mostly in English, in case non-Danish-speakers join the project later on.
  • I will likely be at Tinkuy at 10’o’clock most Mon-Thu, available for the things that we will to collaborate or talk about. It could also make sense with a daily stand-up like it is common in agile methods.

Lemon Status

What I have done:

  • I have spend some time preparing the tools I want to use for building the app and widgets. I have landed on the re-frame framework, and ClojureScript with figwheel, reagent, etc. I have written the beginning of a minimal, isomorphic server, and also some abstractions.
  • Fixed events on tinkuy.dk so they also show duration, etc. – the code is ready to be merged into the main branch and pushed into production.

The next things that I am going to focus on are:

  • Include widget code on tinkuy.dk, – this will be a way where we can share functionality between the website and a future app. First I will just add the code for including widgets, and then I will start implementing concrete feature in the website that we choose together.


  • None right now, but soon I will need some APIs depending on which feature I should work on.