2015-10-02 The 3-day sprint

I have decide to switch to 3-day sprints, and try out how that works.

What is a 3-day sprint:

  • 3 days focused work
  • a unit of work with a concrete deadline
  • write-up with demo of progress

This is long enough time to:

  • Make a simple delivery (prototype, concrete progress on feature, etc.)
  • Start learning a new skill
  • Include initiation/demo/retrospective without taking too much overhead.

It is short enough:

  • to be able to put most other things aside and single-task during the sprint
  • to get a lot of measuring point of what can be done per sprint
  • to dedicate sprints to minor projects og give away
  • that I can give satisfaction guarantee on delivered sprints without too much of a risk

Personal reasons:

  • It fits my calendar very well, with common sprints Mon-Wed(Thu) and some Fri-Sun(Mon), as I dedicate Thursdays afternoon/evening, and every other weekend, to spend with my son.
  • It can become a concrete product I can offer, – and write-ups on previous 3-day sprints will make expected scope of delivery very clear.
  • I think it will fit my way of working very well.

Structural features:

  • Temporal placement: Mon.-Wed., Fri.-Sun., Mon.afternoon-Thu.morning, or Fri.noon-Mon.early-morning. With focus on project from very early morning, until late afternoon.
  • Sprint structure
    1. Initiation: define/clarify area of focus, and what to work on. Start continually updated post with notes on sprint.
    2. Actual work
    3. Demo/retrospective/write-up on sprint progress and results
  • Types: hackathon(hack4dk,startup-weekend,etc.), improve-own-tools, tinkuy, open-source-project, hired/paid.