2015-10-20 Tinkuy.dk and ClojureScript Infrastructure

This sprint I focus on tinkuy.dk and my ClojureScript infrastructure Results:

  • tinkuy.dk
    • editable profile details
    • list of public profiles
    • merged fix of issue #69, #74, and #79 into master
    • deployed to tinkuy-staging for testing
    • fix date-dependent part of blackbox-testing, was issue #30
  • started looking into better DB-abstraction for cljs-apps
    • Installed LevelDB in nwjs as storage backend
    • Designed API for new version of MuBackend, http://solsort.com/2015/10/20/mubackend-revisited/
    • Trying out watching sync’ed reactive in-memory clojurescript atom for access, as research for viability of autosync’ed database, looks good


  • Ruby/Rails, CouchDB, ClojureScript, nw-gyp/nwjs, reagent

Starting point:


  • CPouchDB does not really perform / feels unnatural
  • nw-gyp for native modules in node-webkit