2015-10-29 UCC-organism debug

Something was wrong between frontend and the backend in the digital art project at UCC. I was asked to step in and help solve it:


  • Found and fixed bug with missing agents in frontend visualisation code
  • Solved the obscure problem with the connections not working. Turned out that all the odroids had the same MAC-address, which really messed up the network.
  • Various fixes in the frontend code


  • JavaScript, CoffeeScript, odroids/android/ssh/arp/…

Starting point:

  • I had made the backend code for the system, but have had nothing to do with the network setup, nor the front end, nor the odroids before


  • Network behave very strange when there it contains 30 devices with same MAC address, but if you push lot of packets through, it is sometimes possible to access the nearest device before TCP times out…