2015-11-06 Solsort platform and practical stuff

The focus of this sprint was the infrastructure for solsort platform, plus some practical stuff.


– Responsive grid, decision, and implementation. Decided on a 24 column grid, as it is friendly for the golden ratio (15/24) in addition to the usual 12-grid split. Implemented for mobile first with 3 responsive stops (mobile-portrait, mobile-landscape/tablet-portrait, tablet-landscape/desktop), using the same widths as android adaptive UI.
– Started implementing utility functions for mubackend api, ie. SHA256 etc. using WebCryptography API
– Refactor documentation
– Other practical tasks (accounting, tidying, etc.)


– ClojureScript, HTML5, CSS

Starting point:

– Previousely created a similar recommendation calculation
– Have taught eigenvector analysis etc., but never applied it to problems this large before


– Getting experience with WebCryptography API
– Need to allocate more time in calender for coding, in my own sprint where there are also other tasks.