2015-11-12 BibApp Infrastructure

This sprint is about building building search service, and start building the Bibliographic App.


  • ElasticSearch service running with bibliographic data for materials with covers in brønd
  • Figured out which books in the dataset that have cover on bogpriser.dk
  • Merge /bib and /bibdata web services
  • Make semantic marked-up html on /bib be based on the new data set / data model (this is the base for showing bibliographic data later on).

Productivity: Low – used a day on non-related computer science research (mainly programming language theory)


  • ElasticSearch, ClojureScript, Python

Starting point:

  • Had base data from previous sprint, which just needed some cleanup / filtering by covers before put into ElasticSearch
  • Already had the semantic markup code from the previous version of /bibdata, which just needed to run on the new DB


  • More experience with ElasticSearch
  • Thoughts on mobile language: Currying and typed lambda calculus leads to functions with closures as first class values, which can also be the building block of loops etc. Abstraction simplifies.