2015-11-13 Swing dancing in Copenhagen

A quick write-up on the different places to dance swing in Copenhagen

There are two online calendars for swing dancing in Copenhagen:

Some events are only on one of them, or the other (most are on both).

Here is my personal impression of some of the regular events that happens at the moment:

  • Monday – Idrætsfabrikken: Many dancers come directly from class, and the dancing happens in a gym, so not so much atmosphere. The level varies depending on which class has just ended. Can also be a good place to pick up new moves and varitions. There has also been live music and extra classes, which is awesome.
  • Tuesday – Studenterhuset: Has drop-in introduction, and is in a cafe, which adds a nice atmosphere. My favorite place to dance at the moment. The floor can be a bit crowded sometimes, and the level is mixed (more beginners early, more advanced later).
  • Thursday – Idrætsfabrikken: Same as Monday, just shorter time (in practice it is from 10pm to 11pm), – I have only been there two times.
  • Saturday – Vesterbro Kulturhus: Mainly for practising, – even includes instructor you can ask. Bring a dance partner, if you want to make sure that there are somebody to dance with.
  • Sunday – Kulturhuset Indre by: Social dancing, similar to studenterhuset, but larger, and less beginners(usually no intro, and probably not a place where non-dancers randomly drop in). First Sunday in the month is special though as it include intro (and right before the swing-event has a tango event with intro too).