2015-11-15 Company Content

The focus of this 3-day sprint has mainly been administrative company stuff, and writing, – as a platform for marketing.


  • Clear statement of the services/products that solsort.com offers, for easier sale
  • solsort.com brand + service definition on laptop, for implicit marketing when I work in a public location
  • WordPress theme development, – created customised theme for solsort.com
  • Issued new server certificates via https://letsencrypt.org
  • Automated backups
  • Many new blog posts, and restructures blog content
  • Other practical stuff

Productivity: Normal


  • WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, Sass, letsencrypt

Starting point:

  • Had already site running, thought some of the ideas for content


  • letsencrypt.org is awesome
  • Experience with modern WordPress theme development