2015-11-16 Rethinking BibApp

How do you explore and find literary inspiration on a touch device / mobile phone?

I am working on an app-prototype for the public libraries, and today I got an idea which made me throw away all the wireframes I had been working on, and start on a fresh: The app-prototype will now be inspirational “searching”.

Imagine the screen consists of book covers in two layers:

  • A small fixed number of books in the foreground
  • Background filled with smaller book covers, determined based on which foreground-books they are nearby

It will be possible to drag the books around, including moving books from background to foreground. Changes to foreground books, will also change nearby background books. This makes it possible to explore/search for related books, by dragging them around.

Clicking on the book shows information about it, and has links to the library websites.

The app would also have a search form, to find the initial books in the foreground, – and also a slider that determines how closely related the background books should be to the foreground book.

This will be a new way to explore/search on touch-devices.