2015-11-26 BibApp working version

The goal of this 3-day sprint is to have a functional prototype of the BibApp


  • Working version running
  • Book info pop-up
  • Usability testing, and fixing discovered usability issues
    • Improve book-info
    • close book-info on back-button
    • mention in text that books can be moved from background to foreground
  • Layout:
    • extra line of background books
    • fewer foreground books, to make background books more visible
  • bugfix – did not work in non-current browsers, ie. iOS 9
  • network-performance improvement
  • data dump with only books that have covers – ready for elastic search
    • updated/made search engine service
  • begin working on bibapp-report
  • use bogpriser instead of ting for images, for performance reasons
  • splash screen + footer text
  • only search on søg-knap +(+on-enter-key, but not on blur)
  • Limit related to objects that have cover-links

Productivity: Normal 19

Tools: ClojureScript, HTML5, ElasticSearch

Starting point:

  • Initial/simple prorotype already created


  • Studied how to implement efficient search in eigenspace
    • kNN scales well on GPUs, multi-distance calculation can also be implemented as matrix multiplication
    • Optimised BLAS/LAPACK seems like good option for performance, – recent versions also have GPU-implementations
    • C++/(CL)JS implementation seems like a viable approach: Armadillo for linear algebra/search, node-gyp for glue, and webservice in node.js
  • Usability testing is very useful, looking forward for more next sprint
  • iOS-safari is the new MSIE