2015-11-30 BibApp bugfixes and report

The focus this sprint was the report for the app competition entry.


  • Progress on BibApp project report, 3 pages done, describing purpose of, and interaction with app. (in separate private repository)
    • Made template for putting iOS simulator screenshot inside picture of phone.
    • Tool for writing report: Markdown -> PDF through pandoc and wkhtmltopdf
    • Lots of drafting, report-notes, reworked outline etc.
  • Packaged BibApp as Android app
  • Fixed iOS missing keyboard bug
  • Fixed layout problems in MSIE

Productivity: Low (1 day gone due to integral meeting + moving stuff around before the rebuilding of the heater system starts here)

Tools: pandoc, wkhtmltopdf, clojurescript, html+css

Starting point:

  • Had started report-notes, plus some illustrations, earlier


  • pandoc+wkhtmltopdf good combi for creating documents
  • recent version of cordova is very easy to use (and supports crossover as plugin)