2015-12-09 App Skeleton

This 3-day sprint actually spans a week, but only had three effective coding-days. Focus was new structure for repositories for app-development, instead of current monolithic approach. (Plus some genral tool/environment improvements).


  • Skeleton for ClojureScript hybrid apps with Cordova / PhoneGap-build.
  • CORS-proxy (needed for web-version of apps)
  • Started code for toastmaster app prototype, – Code for scraping of data in progress
  • Various nginx config fixes
  • improvements of development environment (i3-window-manager, home-root in private git, instead of dot files link into repositories, private git server)

Productivity: Normal, 20

Tools: ClojureScript, Cordova, shell, nginx


  • scripts+config for easily buildable/deployable cljs html5 apps.
  • windows-manager+keyboard config for efficiency: i3 has sensible defaults and is super easy to configure. Keyboard fixed via setxkbmap, xbindkeys and xmodmap
  • bare git repositories for local git hosting