2015-12-15 Prepare old apps for publication

The focus this sprint has been to make old prototypes publishable, to bootstrap portfolio of webapps.

16 web/apps/widgets now have a unified structure, and include meta-info, screenshots, icons, etc. required for publishing on Android market (feature image still missing, but future task is to autogetnerate these from the other assets).


  • Unified structure of old web/apps/widgets (index.html as entry, config.xml for cordova+phonegap-build, metadata, icon, screenshots)
  • Autogenerated listing of apps, based on metadate in config.xml
  • Setup desktop-computer as server for remote development

Productivity: Normal (23)

Tools: config.xml, gimp, ClojureScript, shell-scripting


  • PM2 seems to be best way to run nodejs microservices
  • Config.xml as major source for metadata for app
  • Running figwheel serverside is still possible with good performance