2015-12-18 muBackend, and beginning a book

This sprint had progress on infrastructure, and I also started writing.The infrastructure include progress on mubackend, now enabled for logins, and change of file structure, and ssl-certificates for different domains.


  • new muBackend development progress
    • Authentication via github, linkedin, google, facebook, twitter, and wordpress.
    • Auto-create CouchDB user with random password per authenticated user.
  • Started the html5book project (writing a book about html5 in danish). Infrastructure/layout implemented, and suggesting for ToC
  • restructure home/solsort filesystem/directory, including new structure for webroot, and get new ssl-certificates (api.solsort.com)
  • App-listing now also contains dates for the apps

Productivity: Normal (18)

Tools: JavaScript, node.js, Express, shell, html+css+wkhtml2pdf, letsencrypt, Passport, CouchDB


  • Passport is awesome for enabling login from different sources: going from nothing, to handling logins from 6 sources in less than a day.
  • Computer Modern fonts are available for web.
  • Remember that html-pagebreaks only works on toplevel elements