2016-01-02 Mobile HTML5 React libraries

Looking into making mobile HTML5-apps on top of React/Reagent, and not reinventing the wheel… these seems to be the:

  • TouchstoneJS – Mobile iOS-like UI-library that seems like the best react-based library (reapp unmaintained, and the rest has much smaller userbase). It is much much less mature than ionicframework or similar, though.
  • Material-UI – Material design (Android-like). Seems to be best bet if I want to build apps, and is ok with material design.
  • Use standard CSS framework, like ratchet, foundation, semantic-ui, or bootstrap.
  • Reinvent the wheel.

Looking further into to the options: The future of TouchstoneJS is a bit uncertain, due to react native, see https://github.com/touchstonejs/touchstonejs/issues/87. Material-UI has bad performance on mobile, and ratchet etc. does not really deliver the effects that I want (transitions etc.). So I am still tempted to reinvent the wheel..