2016-01-03 muBackend

This sprint got the muBackend client API up and running. In addition to this, read a bit about various computer science topics, and progressed on the datastructrure design for the js-b-trie.


  • muBackend running
    • support for login
    • support for database
    • support for messaging between users
  • studies/research
    • succint data structures
    • state of WebAssembly
    • blockchains
    • mobile css/react-widgets/frameworks
    • docker
  • jsbtrie data structure design

Productivity: Normal (18)

Tools: node.js, browserify, socket.io, CouchDB


  • WebAssembly looks super awesome: popcnt, simd, and possibly threads, GC, tail-calls…
  • No gooood mobile web react-framework (most somewhat disbanded due to react-native)