2016-03-06 The power of daily the checklist

A recent habit,
that pushes me forward,
is the daily check list.

It is simple:
I have a list of things
I want to do every day,and then check them off.

The things on my list include:

  • body: exercise, breakfast, etc.
  • tidyness: empty inbox, clean kitchen etc.
  • mind: gratitude, no evening screen-time, review/plan of the day, etc.

Having an explicit list,
and checking it of daily
is surprisingly effective.
When the system is in place,
it is also surprisingly easy
to start a new habit:
just add it to the list.

I have had a shorter informal check list
in my calendar/day-log, which worked well,
but recently a friend asked me to join that I tried
an online open source check-list “game”,
Habitica which has a higher ease of use,
(syncs/runs across different devices),
which turns out to be very useful.

Concluding tips for running a daily check list are:

  • First priority is to make the check list itself a daily habit
  • Only have things on the check list that you actually will do (almost) every day
  • Ease of checking in is important, – switching from having it in my calendar, to a dedicated(one-click) synced check list increased effectiveness a lot
  • Can also be used to negate bad habits, where you check that you do not do it
  • It is a very good tool to add/manage habits