2016-03-27 Mind of the traveller

One of the most powerful tools is an open mind.
It is interesting to think about the different states of mind,
– one of the is the mind of the traveller, the same state of mind
you have when you are travelling, open for adventure,
very un-busy, exploring the world.

It is also about getting out of the comfort zone,
pushing yourself to go new places.

Last week I heard a talk at toastmasters,
which inspired me to focus on
staying out of the comfort zone,
and in the weekend I went
for a dance event in that state of mind.

The dance was cancelled,
but on my way home I heard music,
and in my mind of the traveller,
I decided to follow the music,
and see where it lead.

The music was old, with great rhythms.
It turned out to be a viking festival,
with live music, Virelai was playing,
– they are great musicians, as well as
engaging/connecting with the audience.
Soon there was a kædedans,
(“chain dance”, nordic way of dancing),
and even after their performance had ended,
the music continued we were all singing together.

So opening the mind, and setting it into the
exploring way of the traveller, can lead into
beautiful experiences.