2016-03-30 solsort direction

What is the solsort.company,
and where is it heading?

I see solsort.com ApS as an infrastructure
for collaborating, and building solutions.

It has values:

  • Openness and transparency. Do as much as possible publicly, in the open, including source code, data, project tracking
  • Passion over profit. Good/human/social impact and interesting challenges matters more than economic yield

It has products:

  1. “App”-development, targeting web, Android, iOS and other platforms. Focus is on rapid development of fully-functional prototypes/apps
  2. Computer Science consulting in general

It has Computer Science focus:

  • Functional programming – more expressive, yielding faster development. Primarily using Clojure/ClojureScript, though other languages are also used when they are more practical.
  • Reactive programming – for UI, using React/ReactNative/Cordova for creating Web/Native/Hybrid apps
  • Data mining and analysis – finding patterns in data, and empirical studies, are good sources for innovation

It has utility:

  • A legal entity, handling accounting, contracts, capable of acting in the corporate space
  • A technical infrastructure, hosting services, distributing apps
  • A common face/brand for independent people collaborating
  • A technical and entrepreneurial community

I have recently begun to collaborate more with other independent developers / computer scientist on delivering projects. Previously solsort.com ApS was just a corporate entity for myself. The change is still in the progress, but the vision is to change solsort into a community/collaboration/infrastructure for independent developers/entrepreneurs with shared values.